Centurion Auto Group LLC

Centurion Auto Advanced Driver Training

Offering theoretical and practical driver training courses that focus on making better decision makers behind the wheel.
"Centurion's driver program was developed to create a more knowledgeable driver that analyzes all situations, understands the risks, and realizes the capabilities of their talent and vehicle; helping to improve driving standards and road safety throughout Myanmar." - Carleton Matson, C.E.O.

Women's Street Survival

$125+ per student
1 day course

Stage 1

$150+ per student
1 day course

Stage 2

$250+ per student
2 day course (1 theory + 1 practical)

Stage 3

$350+ per student
3 day course (2 theory + 1 practical)

Centurion Auto Transportation Consulting

Utilizing International expertise to improve Myanmar’s transportation standards.
"Centurion is able to assist any foreign corporations entering the Myanmar market with their transportation needs. Whether a foreign corporation needs assistance setting up vehicle fleet operations, or a local firm needs to raise their SOPs to meet foreign requirements, Centurion Auto has the local experience and foreign expertise to improve your transportation operations (safety, profits, usage time) in Myanmar." - Ye Kyaw Swar, Director

Centurion Auto Car Rental

Centurion Auto has ceased car rental operations at this time...


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Centurion Auto's Latest News:

Centurion Auto ceases car rental offerings

May 2018:

As Centurion Auto has seen a dramatic increase in demand for our advanced driver training services in addition to the ever increasing cost of vehicle financing in Myanmar, Centurion has ceased its car rental services. We apologize for any inconvenience caused but we firmly believe this is the best business decision for our company at this time. If Myanmar's access to financial funding eases and import costs decline, Centurion continues to be positioned to offer car rental again in the future. In the meantime, we remain committed to providing the best driver training course in Myanmar and our expertise with our transportation consulting services.

Centurion Auto starts contributing to "Drive Magazine"

September 2016:

Starting with the September 2016 issue, Centurion Auto will begin contributing to "Drive Magazine." Our Driver Training team will write both the driver education and technology columns for the magazine going forward and is looking to share Centurion's knowledge with the people of Myanmar. After reading "Drive" and being impressed by what the magazine had to share and its professionalism, Centurion is very excited to be a part of the publication and help it expand to new facets in the upcoming months. The September 2016 issue of "Drive" launches the 21 of September. Please grab your copy and let us know how we did.

Centurion Auto promotes new C.E.O. and C.O.O.

August 2016:

Centurion Auto is pleased to promote two internal candidates for both C.E.O. and C.O.O. Carleton Matson was named Centurion's new C.E.O. after exemplifying strong corporate growth in Centurion's driver training and consulting fields. With Centurion for over three years, Carleton's strong work ethic, good working relationships with all employees, and a full understanding of both the operations and financial situation for Centurion make him a perfect candidate to take over as C.E.O. for Centurion.

Ye Kyaw Swar was promoted to C.O.O. from his Operations Manager position. Swar's continued leadership, understanding, and relationship management skills have been critical to Centurion's success. Also with the company from the beginning, Swar's understanding of all the business's operations and ability to manage both foreign and local workforce make him a great successor as Centurion's C.O.O. Congratulations to both Swar and Carleton, and thank you both for your continued unwavering commitment to Centurion Auto's growth.

Centurion Advanced Driver Training Course Begins Operations

September 2015:

It has been a long time coming, but Centurion is pleased to now offer our advanced driver training course to outside drivers and corporations. Course topics include hospitality, vehicle dynamics & maintenance, risk vs. reward, improved communication methods, U.S. military security tactics, and defensive driving training. Students will receive a 56-page manual, 1-on-1 instruction by our own USA trained instructor, and a certificate upon completion. Our 2 day course starts at $150 per student and provides valuable information that can save lives. For more information, please see our advanced driver training course page under services.

Centurion Auto's Internship Program

January 2015:

Centurion is pleased to be one of the first companies in Myanmar to actively employ local University interns. Centurion requires an applicant to be actively enrolled in school, speak English, have their own accommodation, and be an open-minded willing team player. We have had great results so far with our interns, who learn valuable on the job experience and are exposed to International business operations. Centurion likes the idea as it helps us get young, motivated, open-minded individuals to help bring energy and new ideas to our team while also providing some financial benefit to get experience and more exposure to further broaden their education or career. If you are interested in applying for our internship, please feel free to contact us at anytime.