Car Rental Myanmar: Internship Program

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March 10, 2015
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October 7, 2015

Car Rental Myanmar: Internship Program

We decided on developing an internship program late last year to empower young individuals within the country. Growing up in the US we were exposed to all sorts of experiences through internships. The internship program allowed us to recruit students still attending school or fresh graduates who wanted foreign corporate exposure at home. While they are under our roof, our interns are expected to learn not one but all aspects of our company. This allowed them to figure out what they like and disliked in the working world, whether it be administration, operations, managerial, marketing, or finance. Internship programs are also great for the company as our interns always have fresh ideas and great input when full time staff have run out of it all.

Currently, we have one semi-full time intern by the name of Saw Baw Mu Htoo. In the office we call him Baw Baw and he is a native of Dawei. Baw Baw came in speaking okay English and upon being chosen for our program, he didn’t know what field of work he wanted to be in. We told him that he would be exposed to every position possible in our company, whether it be working in the office answering phone calls, or working alongside the manager but also to get his hands dirty cleaning cars with the drivers. Baw Baw took it all in and It’s been about 4 or so months and he’s improved tremendously in speaking English and presenting aloud in front of our whole team. He is currently carrying out English lessons, speaking to clients when they inquire about our services and helping out the operations team.

Internship programs are great because we get to help our interns improve in themselves and prepare them for their future and future jobs. But really…they’re the ones helping us! We are seeking new interns to hop on board these next couple of months. Having just branched out into Nay Pyi Taw, we definitely need the extra hands! If you are interested in joining our family please drop us an e-mail with your credentials. By the way, this is a paid internship. We look forward to meeting all of you!!



Meet Baw Baw! See how happy he is? (:



Baw Baw leading English class for the driver team




Officially our intern on this day!


Being a good sport volunteering during our First Aid class





    • Hi Amanda,

      My apologies for the delayed response. Please feel free to email me your credentials, C.V., and other things you might feel is important and we can get in touch. My email is . Once we receive your info, we will review and then contact you regarding an interview and or details of the position. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime.

      Carleton Matson, C.O.O.
      Centurion Auto Group

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