The Most Significant Factor in Buying Used Cars – Model or Mileage?

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The Most Significant Factor in Buying Used Cars – Model or Mileage?

The Most Significant Factor in Buying Used Cars Model or Mileage

When you are looking for a used car, there might be many things that you consider before you finally decide on buying that vehicle. Buying a used car is a decision based on a thorough check up of the vehicle. This thorough check on the car in question may bring many things about the car into the spotlight.

However, there are only two significant factors upon which the price of the car is set

1) Model or year of manufacturing

2) Mileage


The model of the car refers to the year of the car’s launch. This tells about the car’s specifications and all the features that are provided in the car. Most of the times the price of the car tends to go up as more current the model of the car is. The latest models are priced higher than the previous models because normally the latest models offer a better engine, technology and set of features for its drivers.

The model of the car also refers to the age of the car. For example, if a specific model has come out in 2010 then quite simply the car is a decade old. This information is also crucial in determining the value of the vehicle. This information is normally provided in the car’s registration details. However, the model can also be easily judged by the shape of the car. Specific models have specific shapes and it becomes easier for people to recognize what year the particular shape was introduced in.


The term mileage refers to how much a car has been driven. The number of miles or kilo meters a car is driven refers to the quality of the engine. Of course, the more mileage the car has the more used the car’s engine is and it means it has gone through a higher level of wear and tear. This particular piece of information about the car is provided by the odometer of the car.

The odometer is usually found in the instrument meter of the car near the speedometer and RPM. Normally, the lesser miles on the car means a better drive.

Which Among the Two is More Significant in the Purchase Decision, model/year or mileage?

 Well, when you are considering buying a used cars for sale online in New Zealand, then the best way is to go and check the overall condition of the car. Mileage and year both play a vital role in the purchase decision but there are certain things that make the decision based on these two factors incomplete. Let’s say the car is 15 years old but has not been driven more than a 1000 miles then the year or model of the car won’t really matter because the mileage is minimum and if the situation is reversed and the car is only a year old and has been driven over 100000 miles than the year or model won’t matter much because the mileage is too much.

When looking at the overall condition of the car, you consider both the mileage and the model along with many other things in the car such as:


The model of the car and the mileage doesn’t really matter if the car is fully rusted and the body has deteriorated because of it. The condition of the car will not be considered good if it has gotten rust because this makes the foundations and pillars of the car quite weak. This makes the car dangerous to drive.

Major Accidents

Most buyers are very concerned about the fact that the car has been involved in any major accidents. The reason for this information allows the buyer to assess how much of the car got damaged and if the damage was permanent or not. Sometimes, when a car is involved in an accident, the chassis of the car gets affected. It is the metal framework or skeleton on which the whole car is based on. If the chassis of the car is damaged, then that is considered to be a major flaw because it will create safety issues for the driver. Furthermore, a damaged chassis can give rise to more problems in the car which will both be a nuisance for the owner and expensive to fix.

Electrical and mechanical Condition

Both the electrical wiring of the car and the mechanical condition of the car are very important when checking the car. If there are any major electrical issues or mechanical issues in the car, then it is best to avoid buying such a car. This is precisely why most buyers tend to keep an expert mechanic with them when finalizing a car deal or when going for a test drive. The mechanical expert can assess if there are any major issues in the car by listening to the engine sound and by driving the car. In doing so, they can find if there is an issue and if that issue is a minor one or a major one.

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