Centurion Auto F.A.Q.s

Driver Training Common Questions

1Does your class prep me for my driving license test?
No, Centurion's advanced driver training is formed around the basis that our students already have their Myanmar driving license. This course discusses more advanced topics that rely on students having basic driving knowledge.
2Why do I need to do more driver training?
This question can be answered in sheer numbers. Myanmar's road accident rate has more than doubled in the last 15 years, while its accident fatality rate has increased by 300%! Accidents are generally caused by three components; drivers, vehicle malfunctions, and roads. While we cannot improve the road or vehicle conditions in the short term, we can improve driver knowledge and skill set behind the wheel at a lower cost. Centurion's driver training will make you more prepared in noticing potential threats and reacting to those threats, and could possibly save your life.
3What language is your course taught in?
Our course is currently offered in two languages; English and Myanmar. Depending on the student's preference, our entire course can be delivered in both languages without issue.
4Do you get a diploma, how long does it last?
Yes, Centurion driver training graduates receive a certificate of completion that is good for two years before a refresher course is needed.
5Do you train for corporations?
Yes, we train numerous corporations in sectors such as car rental, hoteliers, security, diplomats, hospitals, trading, and telecom. Our course is designed to be adaptable to any corporation's requirements, making it both time and cost efficient.
6Will you train outside of Yangon?
Yes, Centurion is willing to train theory portions of our course outside of Yangon at an additional expense. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns we cannot offer our normal practical course outside of Yangon at the moment.
7How come you have racing as part of a safety course?
Our C.E.O. believes that racing techniques help improve smoothness while driving, and that smoothness makes you and your car safer on road. While we use a lot of his past experiences on track in the course, this course is designed for students to get the best performance possible out of their car's components while being smooth. It is not a racing course.
8Why do you offer a course strictly for women?
We have found that women in our Stage courses tend to get a bit intimidated by their male counterparts knowledge of vehicles (or assumed knowledge). Women tend to be better listeners and have more practical related questions relating to car mechanical components and potential threats on road to them. Our course for women is based around these concepts and promotes an open and fun day of expanding their knowledge about vehicles in general. Women will be able to learn how to change a tyre, check oil, and get away if attacked.
9Do You Train on Weekends?
Yes, in order to make our course more accessible to corporate fleets, Centurion is willing to work weekends at a slight additional charge.

Transportation Consulting Common Questions

1What areas does "transportation consulting" deal with?
Centurion's transportation consulting specializes in the business and safety related items dealing with fleet management. Our consulting team has been working directly with Myanmar drivers and vehicles since 2013 and understands where money can be saved or spent. This type of information can end up saving thousands of dollars for larger corporations.
2How do you charge?
Centurion charges each consulting project differently based upon the goals of the client. Generally we charge a flat rate amount or a percentage of savings agreement depending on the project. All charges will be agreed upon before venturing into the project so both sides have an understanding of the cost, feasibility and time commitment required.
3Can you help an organization meet HSE requirements?
Yes, thanks to our own car rental and driver training programs, Centurion has vast experience dealing with HSE programs from numerous International companies. We can observe, assess, and implement procedures to make your Myanmar company HSE compliant.

Car Rental Service Common Questions

1Why have you stopped offering car rental services?
Centurion Auto ceased our car rental operations in January 2018 due to the limited financial feasibility and the increased demand into our advanced driver training program. We have since focused our growth and finances into our driver training program and transportation consulting. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
2What's your "highway rate"?
We charge by kilometer instead of a standard "highway" rate. Our charge is .45 cents per kilometer from out of Yangon City toll gate limits to your destination round trip. This provides a measurable and fair travel charge to our clients rather than the standard flat highway rate.
3How do you charge out of Yangon rates, for example in Nay Pyi Taw?
Centurion charges a constant full day rate no matter where you go. In addition to your daily rate we will charge .45 cents per kilometer outside of Yangon city toll gate to your destination. For example, If you rented a Toyota Alphard for 3 days to Nay Pyi Taw, we will charge 3 full day rates, plus the kilometer from Yangon toll gate to Nay Pyi Taw toll gate a total of 660km round trip at .45 cents per/km.
4Can you remove your logo and put our company logo instead?
Yes! We can customize the vehicles to your requirement granted that you have a monthly or yearly contract with us or for a simple fee for use on a short term rental.
5What methods of payment do you take?
We accept cash (Kyats, Dollars),Visa, MasterCard, JCV, UnionPay, and MPU.
6How will you charge me based on currency rate?
We charge USD, if you pay us in Myanmar Kyats, we will convert it to that daily rate.
7What kind of insurance policy does Centurion Auto have?
Centurion Auto has a $1,000,000 USD comprehensive motor insurance coverage with Sompo out of Japan through Myanma Insurance. We are the first and only car rental in Myanmar to offer such a policy.
8Is there WiFi availble?
Yes! Centurion Auto offers complimentary encrypted on-board WiFi for all its clients. By partnering with Myanmar's telecom providers, Centurion is able to provide up to 3G mobile connection speed throughout Myanmar. Coverage varies depending on signal but is generally very reliable from Yangon to Mandalay and is improving every day.
9How does your service differ from your competitors?
Centurion Auto offers the most complete car rental service in Myanmar. Every rental comes with WiFi, $1million USD comprehensive insurance, refreshments, and English speaking drivers and concierge at no additional cost. We strongly believe our service offers the highest quality drivers and emergency procedures available even by International Standards. More importantly, we care. Centurion is a team that puts our core focus on pushing and improving each other throughout the company. We feel this is evident in our product for the end user.