Our Management Team

Centurion Auto's Management Team

Ye Kyaw Swar

Director, Chief Operations Officer

+95 9 250 188 232

Facts about me

  • I was born in PyinOoLwin, Myanmar (I love the cold weather)
  • My favorite genre of music is rock, it gives me the goose-bumps
  • I am committed to the growth and development of Myanmar.
  • Oh! I’m also a pretty helpful person
  • I enjoy all types of sports, especially tennis.
  • I hold a LLB law degree from Mandalay University.

Skill Set

  • Sales95%
  • Management 94%
  • Operations 92%
  • English98%
  • Law92%
Hi, my name is Ye Kyaw Swar. I am one of the Directors of Centurion Auto Group and the Chief Operations Officer. I enjoy playing the guitar and am able to multitask well.

Tiffanie Widjaja

Associate Director

+65 9112 2533

Facts about me

  • No one guesses where I’m from; I usually get Japan, Philippines, Korea, and Thailand, but am actually Indonesian
  • I'm a classically French trained chef from NYC and have worked at restaurants such as Jean Georges, Daniel, and Annisa
  • I am proud to serve Jesus Christ
  • My love for horses will never stop me from riding
  • I am terribly bad at math, but my spelling skills make up for it
  • I also co-own and operate "Trademark Cafe" in Yangon

Skill Set

  • Professional Chef98%
  • Amateur Mechanic73%
  • Business Management91%
  • Business Development92%
  • Full time Mom99%
Hi, my name is Tiffanie Widjaja. I am a chef splitting time between Yangon, Myanmar and Jakarta, Indonesia currently the associate director of Centurion Auto Group. I like pairing Asian with Mediterranean cuisine and work well under pressure.

Carleton Matson

Chief Executive Officer

+95 9 962 554 851 , +65 9155 4239

Facts about me

  • I come from Boston, Massachusetts (I really miss the cold)
  • Aside from doing CEO stuff, I am also an ASE certified Mechanic
  • I also run an International bespoke vehicle services company based out of the USA
  • To this day, I don’t know how to make a playlist on my ipod
  • I’ve been trying to learn the art of speaking Mandarin for 10 years, with little success.
  • I currently split time between Yangon, Jakarta and Boston.

Skill Set

  • Business Management 96%
  • Mechanic95%
  • Semi-professional racer85%
  • Auto detailer98%
  • Driver Trainer93%
Hi, my name is Carleton Matson. As the Chief Executive Officer for Centurion Auto Group, my responsibilities include overseeing the company's overall business strategy and the development of our driver training program.