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Centurion Auto Group has ceased all our car rental operations as of this time due to the limited financial feasibility of this industry in Myanmar's current economic conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for our customers coming to Myanmar. Please note that Centurion remains committed to Myanmar's road safety and continues to invest into our Advanced Driver Training Program and Transport Consultation. If conditions do improve in the future, Centurion Auto Group will look into the feasibility of offering car rental again.

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Centurion Auto's Myanmar Car Rental Features:

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Centurion Auto car rental's complimentary on-board Wi-Fi allows our passengers the ability to be connected online anytime they wish. Working with Ooredoo Telecommunications, our 3G Wi-Fi coverage and speed is improving daily and provides consistent coverage in most major cities and roadways. With Yangon's traffic conditions degrading daily, Wi-Fi enables our clients to turn our vehicle into their own mobile office to stay productive while on the go. In order to ensure our client's privacy, all Centurion Wi-Fi is security encrypted allowing only Centurion passengers on the network.
Centurion Auto is the only car rental company in Myanmar to offer a $1 Million USD Comprehensive/Third party liability insurance coverage per event (Myanmar standard insurance is $1,000 USD per life). Working with Sompo Insurance out of Japan, Centurion car rental can meet and exceed foreign corporations insurance standards and provide peace of mind for all clients in the unfortunate event of an accident.
There is nothing more frustrating then being unable to communicate with a language barrier. To make our clients' lives as easy as possible, Centurion car rental offers a full time English speaking concierge to help assist with anything from negotiating the purchase of a local souvenir, to an emergency flight arrangement out of the country. In addition to English, our staff can help translate Bahasa, Burmese, Mandarin, and Japanese (with advance notice) to allow our clients to focus on enjoying their stay without worrying over the small details.
Centurion car rental takes pride in our rigorous maintenance schedule. Developed in house by our C.O.O. (over 15 years in the automobile repair industry in the USA), Centurion mandates daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance checks to ensure vehicles remain clean, safe, and on the road. By placing an emphasis on preventive maintenance, our goal is to create a safe and reliable vehicle for clients, and on the road for Centurion's revenue stream. In addition, we place an emphasis on utilizing the newest vehicles possible including many brand new cars that offer modern features for clients while being more reliable for our business needs.

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