Advanced Driver Training

Centurion Auto Advanced Driver Training

Centurion Auto is pleased to offer driver training programs to all of Myanmar. For both personal and corporate purposes, our driver training program will improve driver awareness, understanding of vehicle dynamics, and bring up key critical questions concerning risk vs. reward. Our course focuses on topics that have never been discussed in Myanmar; including driver hospitality, advanced car control skills, and U.S, Military defensive driving tactics. Based on the perspective of our Internationally trained and experienced C.E.O., this course will make all students better drivers and aware of and prepared for the dangers that exist on Myanmar's roads.

Centurion Auto's driver training course details:

Myanmar / English driver handbook
One-on-one personal instruction with English / Myanmar instructors
Directly overseen by Internationally trained instructor
Certificate of Completion valid for 2 years
No vehicle needed to attend
Hands on vehicle maintenance lessons
Advanced race driver techniques on improving smoothness and safety
Adaptable to client's corporate guideline policies
Free followup instruction for graduates
1-3 day course (varies depending on applicants schedule)
$125 (1 day) - $350+ (3 day) per student

Centurion Auto Advanced Driver Training Courses:

Women's Street Survival

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Women's Street Survival

For Women Only
intro to course
about CAG/ Instructor
vehicle checklist
vehicle terms
vehicle maintenance (basic)
risk & reward
seat & mirror
steering wheel & airbag
driving style (night, highway, rain)
defensive driving
vehicle spacing

on-road driving assessment

mechanical DIY walk thru

Price: $125+ USD per student

Time: 1 day (5-6 hours)

Stage 1 course

intro to course
about CAG/ Instructor
vehicle checklist
vehicle maintenance (basic)
fuel stops
road trips
risk & reward
seat & mirror
steering wheel & airbag
driving style (night, highway, rain)
defensive driving
vehicle dynamics (tyre, cornering, & slides)
vehicle spacing

on-road driving assessment

Price: $150+ USD per student

Time: 1 day (6-8 hours)

Stage 1 course +

driver pride
company rules
sick notice
1st impressions
fire aid
first aid
maintenance (more detailed items)
vehicle info
vehicle dynamics (suspension & weight transfer)
route selection
manual gearbox techniques
vehicle load limits

emergency braking (ABS)

emergency lane change


accident avoidance

cornering techniques

Price: $250+ USD per student

Time: 2 days (1 Theory & 1 Practical)

Stage 2 course +

money management
first-aid (CPR)
vehicle cleaning methods
driving styles (off road/snow)
maintenance (very detailed walk thru)
vehicle safety inspection
U.S. Military bomb search
under attack
vehicle weak points
handbrake turn
pit maneuver
vehicle breaching
vehicle convoy techniques


manual gearbox techniques

handbrake turn


figure 8

Price: $350+ USD per student

Time: 3 days (2 Theory & 1 Practical)

Centurion Driver Training Course Topics in detail...

Hospitality Standards:

Students will be introduced to simple Western standards of proper hospitality including proper attire, hygiene, manners with regards to phone usage, assisting clients into and out of vehicle, understanding key English phrases, airport drop-off and pick-up procedures, and avoiding traditional habits that are considered rude by International Standards. These simple procedures are a lost art in Myanmar and help to make a driver a more trusted confident and image of your corporation to guests.
Vehicle Maintenance:

Concepts covered include daily/weekly/monthly maintenance checks in what to look for and how to spot a problem before it occurs. Students will be shown the methods used by U.S. Automotive Service Excellence certified technicians to check the suspension, engine, brakes, and tyres for potential problems. Additionally, students will learn the proper care of vehicle paint, interior, and glass surfaces in order to make vehicles cleaner and safer. The concepts will also introduce the proper use of tools and which tools should be on-board every vehicle in specific situations.
Vehicle Dynamics:

Students will be introduced to simple vehicle dynamics concepts such as how tyres, suspension, and inertia play a critical factor in the proper driving of a vehicle. In addition, students will be taught the inner workings of a vehicle including brakes, airbags, fuel pumps, suspensions, and engines to grasp a better idea of why the tactics discussed are beneficial. These concepts will then be translated to road racing tactics to illustrate how to improve handling dynamics, balance, and smoothness while driving. A key focus is put on smoothness while driving and how to maintain a constant level of grip and momentum while driving through all conditions. In specific classes, 4*4 overlanding techniques will be covered to assist students in getting the best performance possible out of their vehicle.
Defensive Driving:

A key focal point of our program is an introduction to defensive driving concepts and techniques. Students will learn basic vehicle dynamics (tyres, suspension, weight transfer) and how driving technique affects such components. Students will also be introduced to basic road racing tactics used to improve vehicle stability and comfort; including proper racing lines through corners, threshold braking, and inertia control. Advanced discussions will then explain proper driver awareness levels, vehicle inspection, U.S. military bomb search technique, proper gap control, and emergency escape tactics if ever in a hostile position. Drivers will be introduced to route analysis; danger with high value targets as passengers, and proper convoy driving.
Risk vs. Reward:

As a followup to our defensive driving focus, Centurion's driver training places a strong emphasis on the idea of "Risk vs. Reward." Students are introduced to the concept of "risk vs. reward", and how it effect every decision they make while behind the wheel. Students are asked to perform specific scenario analysis of multiple situations and possible positive and negative outcomes from the decision they make. To relate on a more personal level, students are asked more intimate questions regarding family and loved ones and the decisions they take in specific actions that could possible be life threatening.
First Aid:

Every student will be provided a basic introduction to the Red Cross Society's first-aid training. Our certified instructors will explain what should be in your first-aid kit; how to deal with fractures, accidents, burns, and other minor injuries and the reasoning behind the techniques used. More importantly, it will focus on the driver's responsibilities in the case of an accident and how to stay calm and get his or her passengers to safety in the best manner possible in the shortest amount of time.

A constant theme throughout the course will be a strong emphasis on teamwork. The promotion of open discussion and multiple team activities is evident in numerous course topics. Students will be explained the reasoning and benefits of working as a team (dividing the task, multiplying the results), and be exposed to how checklists are for the benefit of themselves and management. Students must be willing to be open-minded and participate in team-based games and scenarios to be eligible for course diploma. Centurion advises having the fleet manager also participate in the course to help build cooperative relationships with his or her drivers.

The Practical Difference: Centurion's Practical Exercises Provide a Safe Opportunity to Exceed Limits

Why are Practical Exercises Important?

Practical driving exercises provide a tangible reality to theories discussed in class. Centurion Auto is a strong believer in providing our students the opportunity to push themselves and their vehicles to and beyond their limits. Held on Centurion's private testing grounds, our practical components come from our C.E.O.'s racing experience background and exemplify the importance of smooth vehicle inputs. Here are some of the common exercises Centurion provides...

- emergency braking and lane change (ABS activation)
- slalom (visual cue points, steering inputs, driving w/throttle)
- accident avoidance (reaction time, smooth inputs, correcting slides)
- understeer/oversteer (how to initiate and remedy slides)
- manual gearbox exercises (clutch engagement, rev-matching, heel and toe)
- cornering (analyzing, apex, smoothness)
- handbrake turn and j-turn (emergency escape)
- figure 8 (tests all vehicle components)

To ensure both the student's and vehicle's safety while performing these exercises, Centurion Auto demands the following...

- Centurion's private testing facility offers over .5 mile of smooth concrete surface, allowing vehicles to reach high speeds without endangering students, spectators, or vehicles
- vehicles must pass Centurion Auto's own vehicle safety inspection before joining exercises
- a Centurion instructor must be in the vehicle at all times
- any rules broken by a student results in immediate removal from the course

About the Instructor: Carleton Matson

Centurion Auto's Chief Operating Officer, Carleton Matson, not only oversees the daily operations of Centurion, he is also an active vehicle enthusiast. Born in Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S.A., Carleton grew up with a heavy emphasis on cars, as his father was U.S. National Pro Stock Drag Race Champion in 1971 and has operated numerous petrol and automobile repair shops since. For over 15 years, Carleton was always an active participant in the repair service sector and has since opened his own global automobile tuning and modification firm based out of Boston, Automotive Specialist Performance Group . In addition, Carleton has had vast experience sports car racing around the world at places including the Nurburgring, Bonneville Salt Flats, Lime Rock Park, Isle of Mann TT circuit, and Dunsfold Circuit (Top Gear's test track). Carleton's experience allows him to educate students on the proper process to take with regards to car control and the physics and mechanical reasons as to why these processes work.