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Myanmar is quickly establishing itself as one of the fastest growing business sectors in the world. With abundant resources, a highly literate and young labor force, low cost labor and utilities, and a prime position situated between China and India; Myanmar has a bright future ahead. But setting up operations in Myanmar is no easy feat. The inconsistent power, lack of technology, high real estate costs, and lack of modern business knowledge all can make even the most organized corporation struggle.

Centurion Auto Group has the first hand experience and knowledge to help navigate these challenges. With a core strategic focus on the automobile sector, Centurion is able to provide consultation to both local and foreign firms to help streamline operations, save start-up costs, and how to develop business relationships that are required to succeed in Myanmar. Whether you are a foreign corporation entering the market with uncertainty, or a local firm that requires the training and knowledge of what foreign corporations target and desire when selecting a partner, Centurion has the knowledge to help make your business expansion more efficient. With local knowledge and foreign management, Centurion provides a great combination to help navigate this difficult but promising market.

What expertise can Centurion Auto can offer you?

Local Knowledge

Automobile Expertise

Building Relationships


Centurion Auto is a Myanmar based SME business. While our management team is from overseas, our heart and soul belongs to Myanmar. Our local based team understands the Myanmar market and culture which is critical to succeeding here. Beyond the language barrier that exists, traditional Asian countries value their culture and the ways of life that only a local will understand. Centurion has this knowledge and can assist in educating and introducing you to the concepts that will help you succeed in Myanmar.
Centurion's core focus ultimately surrounds automobiles. We can provide the knowledge of the local market sourcing & pricing, setting up proper maintenance schedules, common fail points on vehicles, driver sourcing, road infrastructure challenges, and much more. With more than 15 years in the automobile industry in the U.S. with regards to repair, performance tuning, import/export, and racing, our management team is able to bring specific automobile knowledge into the business world, creating a more streamlined transport solution for your company.
Business is all about relationships, and this is nowhere more true than in Asia, and in particular; Myanmar. Myanmar has its own distinct culture that has evolved over hundreds of years from the native Burmanand the visiting Chinese, Indians, Japanese, and Indonesian traders. Business is not discussed until a trust relationship has evolved that requires finesse, honesty, and a good product. Centurion understands how this process works through our own experiences and can assist both foreign and local corporations in understanding the different business cultures each other have.
It sounds simple, but Centurion Auto has the experience of creating our business from scratch in Myanmar. While we have been in business for over two years, our journey was not simple or smooth. Mistakes and problems occurred numerous times throughout the process, but we have been able to overcome and grow from them. Our experiences and failures, allow us to guide you away from making the same mistakes we did and share our experiences doing business in Myanmar. Whether its building a marketing concept for your product, or trying to figure out how to pay your utility bill, we have first-hand experience on the ways which work and provide results.